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Create you necklace satin swarovski pendant juvelan crystal handmade CREATE YOUR OWN, PERSONAL JUVELAN NECKLACE

We are bringing back a JUVELAN bestseller for a limited edition. So first come first serve!
We love giving a personal touch to our designs, but this time we want you to give your own personal touch to your new necklace.
We selected 12 unique satin colours and 4 extraordinary Swarovski crystal pendants from previous designs. It’s up to you to combine your favorite stone with your favorite satin colour. Create you necklace satin swarovski pendant juvelan crystal handmade CREATE YOUR OWN, PERSONAL JUVELAN NECKLACE Halskette kreieren Sie ihre eigene Halskette Kristall Anhänger

Your necklace will come in a length of 70 cm at a price of 45,- Euro. If you would like to have it longer or shorter, then you just have to let us know.

To make sure you get your own personal necklace just send us an email, and tell us what stone you want to have and the number of your favourite color satin cord. Also let us know your billing and shipping address so we can send it your way. It’s the perfect holiday gift whether it is for yourself, your best friend, daughter, mother or other family members.

But don’t wait too long since we only have a very limited amount of these beautiful Swarovski pendants.

Have fun creating your very own necklace!


Wir holen einen JUVELAN Bestseller in limitierter Auflage zurück. Wer zuerst kommt, mahlt zuerst! Wir lieben es, unseren Designs eine persönliche Note zu geben. Aber diesmal möchten wir, dass Sie Ihre eigene Halskette selber kreieren.
Wir haben für Sie 12 einzigartige Satinband-Farben und 4 besondere Swarovski Kristall-Anhänger von früheren Designs ausgewählt. Wir überlassen es aber Ihnen, Ihren Lieblingsstein mit Ihrer Lieblingsfarbe vom Satinband zu kombinieren.

Ihre Halskette bieten wir in einer Länge von 70 cm an und kostet nur 45 EUR. Aber wenn Sie es länger oder kürzer haben wollen, dann können Sie uns gerne Ihre bevorzugte Länge mitteilen.

Sichern Sie sich jetzt Ihre persönliche Halskette. Senden Sie uns einfach eine E-Mail in der Sie uns mitteilen, welchen Stein Sie sich wünschen und die Nummer von Ihrer Lieblingsfarbe des Satinbandes. Bitte teilen Sie uns in derselben E-Mail auch Ihre Rechnungs- und Lieferadresse mit.Es ist das perfekte Weihnachtsgeschenk entweder für die beste Freundin, Tochter, Mutter oder einfach für Sie selbst.

Aber warten Sie bitte nicht allzu lange mit Ihrer Bestellung! Das Angebot ist begrenzt, da wir nur noch eine bestimmte Anzahl von den wunderschönen Swarovski-Anhängern haben.
Wir wünschen Ihnen viel Spaß beim kreieren!

Things that make my heart warm


A great man once called and asked me to make a very special necklace for his wife as a gift for their anniversary. The result: this fairytale-like golden necklace with aquamarines. His wife got so happy and I fell in love with the design just as much as she did that I decided to put it in our JUVELAN collection for everyone to see. Every time I make it (I just finished an order of this) I think of the little story behind it and get really warm in my heart. :) /Johan

Good morning beautiful people!

Skärmavbild 2015-11-18 kl. 08.24.11

We are so overwhelmed and happy about having so many of you participating in our little “guess & win” from yesterday on Instagram, Facebook and of course here on our blog! Thank you all! And YES, it was Valerie Link that we had had a little X-mas shoot with. The winner of our little surprise gift will be contacted until tonight. Have a wonderful day! <3

Guess & win a little surprise gift!


We are slooowly getting into holiday season mood and today we had this year’s holiday card photographed. It was such a highlight to have a little mini re-union with our amazing photographer Conny Wenk, make-up & hair stylist Natalie Kottmann and… ??? Guess who! She is funny, beautiful and one of our most returning JUVELAN models… Write the name as a comment on this blog and you can win our little surprise holiday gift with the new holiday card signed by the model and gingerbread as a guarantee!
Good luck and have fun guessing!

Happy 8th anniversary CONTASBRASIL br !


We just love Suzy and her beautiful store in Cologne and are so honored and grateful to have some of our jewellery designs there. If you haven’t had the chance yet to go there in person, you really should pay a visit next time you go to Cologne. You will fall in love just like we did 4 years ago. Where the store is located? Check out the website:

Have a wonderful Monday evening!



Welcome to our series of “JUVELAN meets…” where we catch up with all our models in the past 5 years. Tonight we are saying hi to VALERIE LINK ! Valerie has almost been with us since the very beginning and has also been returning as one of our most beloved models many times. Not only is she on the cover on three (!) lookbooks, but she has also been providing our online shop with here extremely beautiful jewellery bags throughout the years and she is regularly wearing our jewellery on red carpet events. When we got to Valerie 4 years ago, we just fell in love with her straight away. She is a wonderful talented musical performer, mother-in-law dream, best wife a man can have and now also a mother-to-be. Thanks to our favourite team member, photographer Conny Wenk, we have SO many photos of Valerie in our archive and it was not easy to make a little selection for tonight’s article. For more Valerie love, please give in her name in the search field of our blog and to see even more, head over to Conny Wenk’s blog and do the same there. But now, let’s find out what has happened in Valerie’s life since our last photo shoot together and what favourite JUVELAN piece she is having. Enjoy and have a lovely Sunday evening!

Skärmavbild 2015-11-15 kl. 18.27.10  Skärmavbild 2015-11-15 kl. 18.27.25  Skärmavbild 2015-11-15 kl. 18.27.39

What have you been up to since our photo shoot together with you?
Oh, quite a lot actually! I got to know the man of my life, we got married and next year our baby comes into the world. Career wise, I moved to Hamburg after “Rebecca” (that’s where I got to know JUVELAN), and played Christine Daaé in “The Phantom of the Opera” at Neue Flora Theatre for 2 years. Of course, there are many other things that have happened, but all of that wouldn’t fit in here! :-)

What are your strongest memories from the latest photo shoot we did with you?
Well, my very first photo shoot with Conny Wenk was supposed to be only a portrait shoot for myself! Then you guys suggested to do a little “test photo shoot” with me since you were exploring locations for where to shoot your next upcoming collection. This little try-out turned into my first (but not the last!), very own JUVELAN Lookbook… Except of that, I can only say that we always have great fun together, time always flies by and the result is always wonderful photos. I am already now looking forward to the next photo shoot with you! (to give a broad hint ;-))

Do you have a favourite JUVELAN jewellery piece?
The necklace “Galadriel” is simply wuuuuunderschööööööön! And I must say, that I actually didn’t wear any earrings until I got some of yours. ;-)

What are you looking forward to the most right now?
Just to be at home and to have lots of time together with my man.

What are you currently up to? / What’s on your life agenda? / Are we able to see you live on stage somewhere?
No, I’m not on stage at the moment. I played my last show as Christine Daaé in “The Phantom of the Opera” on September 30th. At the moment I am enjoying my little baby break.  ☺️


Rock your weekend!


We hope your week rocked as much as this unique pyrite necklace “Rock my day” from us do. Have a great start into the weekend and keep on rocking and being the fabulous and unique person that you are!