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Hello February! We hope you had a great first month of 2016 and that we can brighten up the dark winter months with our little blog series “JUVELAN meets…” Today please welcome the extraordinary, very talented and sweet musical star Annemieke van Dam – one of our models from not only one, but two lookbooks: “Heatwave” and “Endless love”.

Annemieke is fearless and goofy but at the same time a perfectionist in front of the camera and we really love to work with her. Our two photo shoots with her and Conny Wenk were both very different. For “Heatwave”, together with Ana Milva Gomes and Sidonie Smith, it was a cold and grey day in April and the poor girls were freezing like chickens in their short dresses while “Endless love” together with Wietske van Tongeren was taking place at a warm Summer day in August. What will it be like next time?

Are you curious about what Annemieke is up to right now and what favourite JUVELAN jewellery she has? Let’s have a look…

What have you been up to since our photo shoot together with you?
– I’ve had the great opportunity to do two shoots with you! Since the “Endless love” bridal shoot with Wietske van Tongeren in 2013, I’ve been working and living in Vienna together with the love of my life! I’ve had the most amazing luck in the world to play Elisabeth and  after that, to play Mary Poppins!!

What are your strongest memories from the photo shoot we did with you?
– During the photo shoots there was always such a great happy atmosphere! Lots of love going around. We had such great laughs. When Johan came in to the picture once to hang an earring straight, I pretended to bite him! You should hear his shocking scream on the video!!

Do you have a favourite JUVELAN jewellery piece?
– I love the white waterfall earrings “Chantel”!!! And the earrings and bracelet Johan made specially for Wietskes premiere of Rocky!!!! That was a special edition though… Not for sale… (unfortunately haha!)

What are you looking forward to the most right now?
– I have to say that I’ve learned to really live in the moment. I’m very happy now with where I am. Meeting with friends for coffee and walking through Vienna. Enjoying my surroundings and counting all my blessings!

What are you currently up to? / What’s on your life agenda? / Are we able to see you live on stage somewhere?
– Yesterday I played the very last performance of Mary Poppins in Vienna in the Ronacher Theater. It has been such a joy!! We had an amazing cast with my best friends on stage! I’m very curious where life is going to take me after this. And for the first time in my life I’ve recorded a CD that I’m very proud of, it’s called Amateur! Listen to it HERE, I think you’ll like it

More information about Annemieke van Dam on her website:

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Heatwave - the black & white issue

Welcome 2016 and welcome back to the blog series JUVELAN meets… We hope you had some lovely holidays and that the new year started well for you. It is time to continue catching up with our lovely JUVELAN models…

Today, please say hello to the gorgeous, extremely funny, caring and loving ANA MILVA GOMES – our model for Heatwave – the black & white collection 2013. The photo shoot together with Annemieke van Dam, Sidonie Smith and Conny Wenk was a long but extremely exciting and enjoyable day. The girls flew in early in the morning from Vienna and back in the evening. The schedule was very tight but we managed to shoot everything we planned and at the same time we had such a lovely time together. Are you curious about what Ana Milva Gomes is up to right now and what favourite JUVELAN jewellery she has? Let’s have a look… Happy New Year 2016!

What have you been up to since our photo shoot together with you?
– Well, I was fortunate enough to stay in Vienna and play Donna in Mamma Mia and more recently I am playing the baroness of Waltstätten in the revival of Mozart das Musical! Plus I got to be a judge on a children’s program called ‘Kiddy Contest’.

What are your strongest memories from the photo shoot we did with you?
– I remember it being such an amazing day with great energy… I will never forget how silly Annemieke van Dam, Sidonie Smith and I were acting when we did a shot where we opened a box filled with the jewellery and had to act surprised. We were so giggly and crazy! 


Do you have a favourite JUVELAN jewellery piece?
– Owhh gosh… that is a difficult question… I really like all of them. From my custom made purple and gold hoop earrings I wore to a premiere in Stuttgart to the beautiful emerald green, also custom made, earrings I wore to my premiere of Mozart not so long ago.

Ana Milva Gomes

2015-09-26 15.42.05

What are you looking forward to the most right now?
– I’m really looking forward to seeing what is next for JUVELAN… I have a feeling it’s about to blow up anytime. As for myself… I am absolutely happy where I am at the moment and I will go where my destiny will take me.

What are you currently up to? / What’s on your life agenda? / Are we able to see you live on stage somewhere?
– At the moment I’m at the Raimund theatre every night performing in Mozart and I’m working on a few projects that are still in a very early stage. The first thing that will come out soon is a videoblog called ‘INSIDER’, where I interview people who work in the theatre about their job… from technicians… to front of house… to my colleagues on stage… very exciting!

More information about Ana Milva Gomes and her current projects:

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 rsz_60s_0040Welcome back to our series of “JUVELAN meets…” where we catch up with all our models in the past 5 years. Tonight we are saying hi to SIDONIE SMITH! Sidonie was in 2013, together with the musical stars Annemieke van Dam and Ana Milva Gomes, cover girl for our black & white jewellery collection “Heatwave”. A collection that is still very popular with us due to its classical designs and every woman should have at least one of its pieces in their jewellery box. And… last but not least… Sidonie, Annemieke and Ana had their very own, awesome version of Martha and the Vandellas’ song Heatwave recorded and our videographer Liesbeth Vandamme made a music video out of it! Don’t miss it below!

Sidonie has a wonderful personality, always smiling and on top of all that, she is a multi talented and creative woman and musical artist. Let’s find out what has happened in Sidonie’s life since our photo shoot together and what favourite JUVELAN piece she is having. Have a wonderful 1st of Advent!

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What have you been up to since our photo shoot together with you?
Oh, wow! Lots and lots! Since our wonderful shoot I’ve had the privilege of appearing in the European tour of LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS (Chiffon), JEKYLL & HYDE (Lucy), SWEENEY TODD (Johanna) and I had the awesome opportunity to reprise one of my favorite roles: Deloris van Cartier in SISTER ACT! In my offstage life, my husband and I founded a fashion line called: YOUR COSPLAY CLOSET and have had the joy of custom creating garments and costumes for customers the world over!

What are your strongest memories from the latest photo shoot we did with you?
One of my favorite impressions of that day is the image of our fantastic videographer, Liesbeth Vandamme balancing atop a huuuge ladder in order to get some of the beautiful music video shots. I also am extremely fond of the photo where Annemieke, Ana Milva and I are all waving to a passing car full of curious onlookers– a completely candid moment captured perfectly by photographer, Conny Wenk!:)

Do you have a favourite JUVELAN jewellery piece?
That’s a hard one! I often say that my favorite color is “black sparkly”, so the Ronette Shoulder Dusters are definitely a favorite of mine! They’ve accompanied me to many a premiere:). I also can’t go without mentioning the phenomenal black Swarovski shoulder piece the Juvelan designer, Johan hand crafted– absolutely stunning!

What are you looking forward to the most right now?
I had been looking forward so much to Thanksgiving recently! It’s my very favorite holiday because it reminds of home and togetherness and gratefulness for the many, many blessings we have in our lives. (Oh! And the food is pretty spectacular too!:))

What are you currently up to? / What’s on your life agenda? / Are we able to see you live on stage somewhere?
My husband, Christopher Ryan, and I have recently relocated from Los Angeles to Trier (on the southwest border of Germany, just a short distance from Luxembourg and France). We are settling in, preparing to open our European studio for YOUR COSPLAY CLOSET and rehearsing and performing some great shows! You can catch us live at Theater Trier this season in SWEENEY TODD, JEKYLL & HYDE, RENT, JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR and the newest show that I have the privilege of adding to my schedule this season is THE BODYGUARD in Cologne as a Walk In for the role Whitney Houston made famous! Looking forward to tackling these legendary songs and the beautiful love story!

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We are family! “JUVELAN meets…” blog series starting tonight

PicMonkey Collage

We are so excited and happy, finally being able to present our brand-new blog series “JUVELAN meets…”

As part of our 5 years with JUVELAN celebrations, we have been catching up with all our stunning and beautiful models and asked each and everyone five questions that we will present exclusively on our blog. You want to know which of these beautiful ladies will be the first one in the spotlight? Please check in tonight again at 7 pm… Have a wonderful Sunday you guys and see you tonight!

“Heartbeat” bridal earrings give-away

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum 5-jährigem Jubiläum Fräulein K. sagt Ja ! Wir freuen uns ganz besonders, dass auch wir mit unseren “Heartbeat” Ohrringen mitfeiern dürfen. Liebe anstehende Bräute, hopp hopp! Ab in den Lostopf! Viel Glück!


Congratulations to Fräulein K. sagt Ja!‘s 5th anniversary. We are so happy to be part of the celebrations by giving away a pair of our “Heartbeat” earrings. Dear brides-to-be, please jump over to their website and be part of the give-away and maybe you will actually win. Good luck!

Our weekend at the Trau Dich Wedding fair

Messe 2014_3How was your weekend? If it was like ours, you probably had a very good one. We had the most fantastic time at this years edition of the Trau Dich wedding Fair in Stuttgart. We are super grateful that our good friend Raphaela joined us again and helped out so many brides with trying on jewelry and giving them information and advice.

There were a couple of new things for us, we had a new space for our stand and changed a couple of things when it came to decorating and setting up the space. By the feedback we received we are sure that those changes were for the better. Messe 2014_2It was so lovely to meet all the brides to be, bridesmaids, mothers of the bride, and husbands to be (who sometimes had to go for a little extra walk while the bride talked about her wedding dress and ideas she had) Messe 2014_1As we announced we had a little preview with us from the new collection that is in the making and will be officially released later this year, and it was very nice to see that many brides were overly enthusiastic when they saw and tried on the new designs. One of the nice ladies that visited us was so convinced that she was the very first bride to order a brand new design for her July wedding, and with that we are convinced that we made the right decision with the direction of the new collection, and we can’t wait to finish it, have a beautiful photo shoot and release it into the world so everyone can enjoy it.

Our darling photographer Conny Wenk and hair & make up darling Natalie Kottmann came by for a little visit and of course Conny couldn’t resist taking some shots from our stand.

We wish you a very nice beginning of the week.

Bridal weekend in Stuttgart

So it’s finally here, the Trau Dich! wedding fair in Stuttgart. We’re super excited to meet every single person that will find their way to us. We will be posting impressions throughout the weekend on our Instagram account so go and follow us and you won’t miss out on anything. And to kick off the bridal weekend we invite you to enjoy the Endless Love bridal collection video.

Enjoy your weekend and let us know what you will be up to.